Trading Old Mobiles for Cash

I helped a close friend of mine sell three old phones yesterday. They were old models from 2006-07 and two were just mid-ranged mobiles even when purchased by her. Just imagine how surprised we both were when she got more than £130 on selling them! We were both astonished.

Often, we look at our old mobiles and think they are of no use. Even my friend thought the same way. We might possibly be right, and our old phone might only fetch us an insignificant amount. But don’t you think is still worth finding out? Besides, selling old mobiles for money does a lot more good than is apparent. It is good for our environment and even helps those who cannot afford much buy a mobile. Look at it from any angle you want – no matter how much cash you earn; it benefits us in several ways.

With more than 40 million mobile users in Britain alone, I am very happy that three more mobiles have escaped the bins and landfills. Three phones don’t even stand close to 40 million, but I believe that each of them counts.

In case you own a few old mobiles – it’s worth your while to check out the offers on them. We have already compiled the data – you just have to look at it and decide. Who knows? You might just find a good bargain.

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